About us

logo digitizingWe are one of the top digitizing and vector art conversion company in the United States. We are affordable and offer a top of the line embroidery logo digitizing service and efficient vector art conversion which are surely of high standards.

We’ve been in the business long enough to know the ins and outs of the digitizing business. We incorporate our knowledge and our hard work to give you the best value with the most efficient results. Rest assured that each design we complete is carefully crafted to meet your standards, and go beyond your expectations.

We take pride not only of our high quality digitizing and vectorizing process but also out team of professional staff who all aim to provide you the best service for your logo needs. Furthermore, we are also known to provide quality service at a very competitive price.

We are fully committed into giving our client the high standard in digitizing embroidery patterns. Our aim is to give you the WOW experience when you receive our final output. We work to minimize thread changes so the final product runs smoothly on your machine.

From our work, you receive a product that will translate into crisp looking designs. You can count on the best digitizing service, smooth ordering and processing system for a quick turnaround of your products.

If you are looking for quality, custom digitizing services at extremely competitive prices, look no further than our USA established company.